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Brad Paisley's Unbelievably Awesome Story About His New/Old Paisley Tele Guitar

Do you believe in a lil' thing called fate? Fairy Tales? 

"I’ve always said I believe guitars find their way home to where they belong. I have lots of stories of that being true. And then there’s this one..."


Fender only made Paisley telecasters from 1968-69 but the model didn't last long.

"It was a bust. Weird hippie wallpaper glued to a wooden tele body, & most people thought it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. So they discontinued it, and most people ripped off the paper and refinished them...."


Know who's into them and knows their value? The man with the same name... Brad Paisley. And in September, he bought a '68 refinished telecaster who he would give to his friend to take off the black paint & put Paisley paper on it to restore it to its original glory days.

"So many people tore off Paisley paper, it’s time to put some on one instead."


But when his friend started to remove the black paint... guess what was already under it!!

"holy sh#*........As I said. Guitars find their way home. What. Are. The. Chances!!!! I’m speechless."


The Paisley found its Paisley. The end.

Photo Credit: @bradpaisley / Instagram

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