Dave OBrien

According to a new survey, Christmas shoppers who go to a store rather than shop online say this is the number one reason why. (So they can have the gift right away)
What does Garth Brooks want for Christmas? His answer may surprise you! You can hear the full interview here: http://www.hankfm.com/blogs/dave-obrien/artist-interviews/garth-brooks-i...
According to a new survey, 8% of Americans bought a Christmas gift using this method this year. (Shopping in a catalog)
What Thomas Rhett's New Year's Resolution? The answer may surprise you!
Eric Church told Dave why you won't hear him record a Christmas record. Why do you think he won't?
Luke Bryan told us what his favorite Chirstmas Eve Tradition is. Can you guess what it is?
According to a new study, men are sympathetic for 19 hours and women are sympathetic for 16 hours when their partner is going through this. (An illness)