Dave OBrien

3-Time Indy 500 Winner, Dario Franchitti joined the show to talk about the upcoming Indy 500 and his relationship with Scott Borchetta!
This morning we have President/CEO of Big Machine Records Scott Borchetta and he gave us his contact list on cell phone, so talked to Justin Moore!
Scott Borchetta, President/CEO of Big Machine Records, played us the original demo of 'You Look Like I Need a Drink' and where it has evolved to!
Brantley Gilbert woke up early, didn't hurt that his boss Scott Borchetta called him, to talk with us about getting new music out and also how married life has been!
The very first one of these lasted 6 hours and 42 minutes. (Indy 500)
According to a new study out just yesterday, despite what some other parents may think, letting a baby do this at night will not lead to a stressed out child. (Cry it out)
Jennifer Nettles just released her second solo album, Playing with Fire, and called us to talk about the album and also being the mother of a three year old!