Dave OBrien

Best of the Summer Senseless Survey's #5 9 Questions from April 18th, 2016!
According to a new study, if you need this to get going in the morning, it’s most likely because of your genetics. (Coffee)
Drake White, live from Joshua Tree National Park, called us to talk about why he is out at the national park! He just released a new album 'Spark' featuring his hit 'Livin' The Dream'!
According to a new survey, 70% of people who have one of these living in their home say it helps them stay fit. (A Dog)
Hannah Harris took a few minutes to call us to talk about the terrifying events yesterday at the Starbucks in Kokomo. Hannah was in the Starbucks that was flattened by a tornado but because of the Starbucks manager, Angel, everyone in the building walked out without injuries!...
According to a new study, you can increase your self-confidence by making this simple physical adjustment. (Standing up straighter – improving your posture)