Dave OBrien

According to a new survey, 56% of women say they are not impressed by how cool or expensive this is? (A man’s car)
According to a new survey, 71% of American workers would like to see their companies get rid of one of these. (Work days during the week)
According to a new study, Americans now spend an average of $4.35 every time they visit one of these. That’s a 5% increase in the past year alone. (An ATM)
According to a recent survey, besides “taking a new job” and “wanting a bigger house” or a “bigger yard”, this was the #1 reason people put their house up for sale. (The neighbors)
Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square called in talk about new music and the CMA nomination. Casey also asked him about his first encounter with Thompson Square and thinking they were brother and sister. Found out they were married!
According to a recent survey, married women do this for 10 hours a week while married men only do it for 5 hours a week and 65% of the married women say they are just fine with that. (Chores)