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Do You Ever Watch "Wheel of Fortune" in Your Underwear?

Photo Credit: Michael Hickey / Getty Images

No? Neither does John Rich’s Granny! Big & Rich are known for being sharp dressed men and that sense of style apparently runs in John Rich’s family. 

Dave: "You guys didn’t have to get all dressed up, this is radio!"

Rich: "My granny always says that Pat Sajak can see her through the tv, so…you never know"

Big Kenny: "She dresses up good for Pat Sajak every day"

Dave: "Does her hair, takes her curlers out and sits down right?"

Rich: She never watches Wheel of Fortune in her underwear, ever!" (Laughter)

Big & Rich just released a new album Did It For The Party! Dave and Casey talked to them about it and also learned about Redneck Milk and Cookies (a Twix dipped in Crown Royal) and how many drinks Big & Rich have bought for American heroes this past year (hint: it’s over 5000)! Hear it all here ⬇️

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