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What Happened to the Lady in Lady Antebellum?

Dave and Casey talked to "Gentleman Antebellum", which is what we call Dave and Charles from Lady Antebellum when Hillary is not with them. So where was she?


Charles: "Hillary is going to do her doctor's a little twin checkup."

Dave: "#Twinning"

Dave O: "Casey's wife is expecting twins!"

Casey: "And I know all about the doctor's appointments, it seems like it's every other day"

Charles: "Yeah. I think you've got to go a lot more with twins"

Dave O: "Probably double I'm going to guess....."

And Hillary is not the only member of Lady Antebellum expecting - Dave and his wife will be having a daughter in December! Find out how they're balancing a tour, new music and new family members here.

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