Morning Mindbender

In 1980 there were a total of 89 of these types of businesses in the entire United States, most of them in California and Colorado. Now there are 3296 of these businesses including over 20 in Indianapolis alone. (Microbreweries)
According to a new survey, 59% of adults say they have trouble doing this at night. (Falling asleep)
According to a new study out of Japan, dogs can tell when you are doing this and may not trust you for several days afterward. (Lying to them)
According to a new survey, only 19% of kids do this every day before school. (Make their bed)
Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Alfred Hitchcock have never done this while Walt Disney did it a record 22 times. (Won an Academy Award "Oscar")
According to a new survey, workers in the health care industry do this less frequently than employees in any other type of industry and workers in the travel and tourism industry do it more frequently than any other industry. (Call in sick)
According to a new survey, 20% of single women say owning one of these instantly makes a man more attractive. (A dog)
According to a new survey, even though most people think of middle aged men doing this, 21% of middle aged women say they plan to do it to. (Buy a "midlife crisis" car)
It’s Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and in New Orleans it is illegal to wear one of these every other day of the year except today when wearing one of these is actually required by law for anyone riding a Mardi Gras float. (A Mask)