Morning Mindbender

According to a new survey, 31% of single adults first met the most recent person they dated here. (Online)
According to a new survey of married women, this is the #1 thing they would change about their husband's appearance. (His hairstyle)
According to a new study, people who nap for at least half an hour a day feel less tired and feel less of this. (Pain)
According to a new study, the average American now spends more time doing this in the morning than they do showering, eating breakfast and getting dressed combined. (Checking emails and social media)
After this weekend there are currently none of these left and the odds of one having been left were 1 in 9.2 quintillion. (Perfect NCAA Tournament bracket)
Today is the first day of Spring and, although this Springtime activity dates back several thousand years, the first actual recorded mention of its name was in 1857. (Spring cleaning)
According to a new study, 6% of American drivers do this while parking their cars while 88% of drivers in China do it. (Back into a space)
According to a new survey, only 19% of office workers do this during lunch. (Go out for lunch)
According to a new survey, there are currently 34.7 million of these in the United States . (People of Irish heritage)