Morning Mindbender

The presidential candidates will be crisscrossing Indiana again today and this weekend. In 1896 President William McKinley was the first candidate to campaign using this technology. (The telephone)
According to a new survey, 68% of Americans think the Presidential campaigns are leading more Americans to do this. (Be rude)
According to a new survey of Administrative Professionals, this is the number one thing their bosses can do to improve their job satisfaction. (Show them respect)
According to a new survey, the average parent and child do this together for one hour each day. (Talk)
According to a new study, you will live 12% longer if you live close to this. (Nature or open space)
According to a new survey, 74% of women say having time to do this on the weekend makes them happier in their relationship. (Spend time with their girlfriends)
According to a new study, people with shorter names, of four to five letters, get more of this at work. (Pay)
According to a new survey, 75% of Americans rely on this type of technology in the home, which is actually a 5% drop over the past three years. (Wired internet)
According to a new survey, 94% of married men say they don’t mind doing this food-related task and twice as many men as women say they are experts at it anyway. (Grilling)