Morning Mindbender

Peachtree City, Georgia (where we are this morning with Zac Brown) got its first Zip Code in 1972, its first library in 1974 and its first one of these in 1979. (Traffic Light)
According to a new survey, 53% of employees say they feel guilty about doing this on company time but do it anyway. (Send personal emails and texts)
According to a new study, back in the 1970's the average Mom spent 7 hours a week doing this. Now the average Mom spends 21 hours a week doing it. (Spending “quality” time with their kids)
According to a new survey, 48% of adults say this is the hardest thing to do while in polite company. (Keep from swearing)
According to a new survey, people sign up online for one of these during the Spring 11% more than at any other time of year. (Online dating site or profile)
According to a new survey, 42% of Americans think you should wait until the age of 25 to sign up for one of these. (A credit card)
According to a recent survey, this year the average one of these is $2815. (Federal tax refund)
According to a new study, the average high school couple going to prom will spend $1100 this year with $324 of that total spent on this. (The "promposal")