Morning Mindbender

According to a new survey, 61% of parents did this weekend family activity when they were younger but only 37% have done it now with their own children. (Camping)
According to a new survey, the average family will spend $917 per child on this this year. (Back to school shopping)
According to a new survey, 56% of employees say a man should never wear these around the office no matter what the weather is. (Shorts)
According to a new survey, contrary to what you might think, people between the ages of 18-24 are actually three times as likely as senior citizens to lose money due to one of these. (A scam)
According to a new survey, the popularity of this recent phenomenon is already slipping by about 10% since hitting its peak popularity on July 14th. (Pokemon Go)
According to a new survey of singles, 25.5% say agreeing on this with a potential partner is more important than physical chemistry. (Politics)
According to a new survey, 54% of people have lied about this on social media. (Their relationship status)
According to a new survey, 47% of drivers have done this to another driver in the past year. (Yelled at them)
Last night Melania Trump was introduced at the Republican National Convention. If Donald Trump is elected President, Melania will be the first First Lady since John Quincy Adams’ wife to have this distinction. (Foreign born)