Morning Mindbender

You might be saving up for this right now because the bill will be here before you know it and a new survey says these cost 8 times as much as they used to 30 years ago. (School textbooks)
According to a new study, co-workers are 30% more likely to do this with each other on a Friday. (Flirt)
According to a new survey, the #1 thing fathers do that their teens say they are thankful for is what? (Drive them places)
According to a new study, after “Mama” and “Dada”, this is the next most common word babies learn. (“More”)
This recent event broke all records for TV viewership and for Facebook and Twitter mentions. (The World Cup final game between Germany and Argentina – over 1 billion people watched on TV worldwide)
According to a new study, you could save an extra $2500 a year by doing this each day at work. (Bringing your lunch)
According to a new survey, couples should not display affection in public after the age of 24, men should not wear baseball caps after the age of 32 and women should not wear one of these after the age of 48. (A bikini - the survey also said people over the age of 31 should not...
According to a new study, sports fans get more emotionally involved in game when there are more of these around. (Other people)
According to a recent survey, 42% of couples do not agree on how to do this household chore. (Loading the dishwasher)