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Morning Mindbender for Monday 7/21/14

You might be saving up for this right now because the bill will be here before you know it and a new survey says these cost 8 times as much as they used to 30 years ago.


(School textbooks)

Morning Mindbender

According to a new study out this week, women who check up on or look at this each morning have 21% less stress...
According to a new survey, 26% of Moms say their teenage sons wear too much of this. (Cologne or Body Spray)
This iconic item that you can see on TV every weeknight, weighs 2400 pounds. (The wheel from “Wheel of Fortune”)
In 1954 the Colts were the first NFL team to have these on the sidelines at a game. (Cheerleaders)
The average cost of one of these this year is $4066.98, that’s a 21% increase from last year. (Super Bowl ticket)