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Morning Mindbender for Monday 7/21/14

You might be saving up for this right now because the bill will be here before you know it and a new survey says these cost 8 times as much as they used to 30 years ago.


(School textbooks)

Morning Mindbender

According to a recent survey, 16% of drivers on the road right now are doing this. (Eating breakfast)
Indianapolis broke the record for this yesterday. (Most snowfall on March 1 - officially, 5.8 inches beating the...
In 1980 there were a total of 89 of these types of businesses in the entire United States, most of them in...
According to a new survey, 59% of adults say they have trouble doing this at night. (Falling asleep)
According to a new study out of Japan, dogs can tell when you are doing this and may not trust you for several...