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Dave O'Brien, Casey, Fritz, and Cara's 2018 Resolutions

We asked our on air family what their 2018 resolutions are and they're ready to take on the new year at full speed!


Dave O'Brien

• Learn how to levitate

• Buy a pigeon

• Get to level 2 of Candy Crush Saga

• Finally unpack my suitcase from that sleepover at Billy McDougal's house in the 4th grade

• Take Casey out of my will

• Win the Iron Man Triathlon (that's where you eat a 5lb T-bone steak in an hour, right?)

• Teach every man, woman and child in Indiana the Macarena

• Give a TED Talk on gingivitis

• Oh yeah... lose weight, save money, be nicer to people, etc.

• Not worry about actually doing any resolutions



My one resolution... learn how to speak baby!

I have learned having kids I have no idea how to please them, so I do my best with feeding, changing, and trying to get them to sleep. But if that doesn't work... I have no clue what to do. Therefore I'm going to spend my new year trying to figure out how to speak baby so that I can keep my sanity and have the kids stop crying and screaming!



In 2017 I learned from my coworkers I was grumpy. So, as to not disappoint, I promise in 2018 to take it to a whole new level of grump! Look out my friends ;)



My resolution... DRINK MORE WINE!


My resolution is to spontaneously adventure somewhere outside of the U.S.—my passport expires next year... I also turn 30 next year! So, in my opinion, it just makes sense to bid my 20s adieu and start my run in the 30s off with a BANG!

Smaller resolution(s):

• Take a rock climbing class

• Be the healthiest I can be

• Grow my hair out

You know... the simple things!


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