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#tWINNING : Dad Fail!


2018 is here, which is crazy to think that my kids were born last year, even though it was just a couple months ago. With a new year comes a chance to reflect on all that happened in 2017.

Being a dad has been the best thing to every happen to me but it has, as all of you with kids know, been very challenging. This is a process that I will continue to learn and improve on but the only way to do so is to fail before you can succeed, which I have done numerous times. 

Since my twins are only roughly 10 weeks old the amount of fails aren't nearly to the level that most dads have made in the first "year" of being a dad but I figured I would go ahead and share what so far has been the fail on my part so far!

I have had minimal experience with kids and zero experience with infants, so this has all been a brand new experience for me. Nobody likes spit-up but I may be a little over the top with my disapproval because I won't hold my kids while I'm feeding them without a burp cloth. I am sure that makes me control freak dad but that is my comfort zone. Well, Hadlee got the best of me as I let my guard down one night and this picture says it all!


I had just tried burping her and she didn't want to comply so I put her back down on my knee to begin feeding her again and BOOM that's when it happened. I am sure there are worse things but at the time and to this moment I have yet to find a worse one then warm spit-up formula all over my chest! This isn't the only time I have been spit up on but this was by far the worst damage I received!


In the end, when you see these two smiling faces a little spit up is okay with me!

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