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Chely Wright Supporting Hip-Hop/R&B Star's Coming Out


Chely Wright is showing her support for hip-hop/R&B star Frank Ocean, who went public Wednesday with his sexual orientation. Wright says she was deeply moved by his announcement, and tells she couldn't think of "a better way for Frank to celebrate Independence Day." But she says he needs to be prepared for a possible backlash since the hip-hop world -- like the country community -- isn't known for its acceptance of homosexuality.

It's something Wright has experienced first-hand. Back in 2010 Chely became the first country singer to come out as a lesbian. She says since then her album sales have been down 67-percent, and some venues will no longer book her for shows. But Chely says she and Frank are playing important roles in their fields, and are paving the way for other gay country and hip-hop stars to lead open, honest lives.

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