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Kellie Pickler Opens Up About Label Difficulties


Kellie Pickler is blaming behind-the-scenes chaos for the poor returns she's seen on her latest CD, "100 Proof." The singer tells "Entertainment Weekly" that as she was working on the project both the label's CEO and her A&R person left. She says she "went through four heads of promotion" as the album was being released, and "the process was hell." Pickler adds that "100 Proof" "wasn't promoted." She explains that she didn't have a song on the radio when the album came out, and "nobody does that." Kellie says that of her three albums, "100 Proof," which has a traditional country sound, is the one that truly reflects her and musical interests. She adds that it's her only album that's been embraced by the critics.

But "100 Proof" is also Kellie's worst-selling disc. While her 2006 debut "Small Town Girl" has gone Gold with sales well past the 800-thousand mark and her 2008 self-titled sophomore effort has sold nearly 450-thousand copies, "100 Proof" has sold less than 75-thousand copies since its arrival back in January. The project fulfilled Pickler's three-album deal with BNA Records, which announced on Kellie's 26th birthday last month that they would not be renewing her contract. Pickler says she's now trying to decide whether she wants to go to another major label or sign on with an independent label.

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