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Wade Hayes Sharing His Story, Promoting Cancer Awareness In New Single


Wade Hayes says his cancer recovery is "nothing short of a miracle." The country star tells that doctors gave him a "one in 16 chance of survival" last December, when he was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Wade credits his current health to "a great team of surgeons" who were "able to get all of the cancer," which they hadn't anticipated doing. He says he heard the doctors were "high-fiving each other" after the operation. Hayes admits the recovery process has been tough, and he's had "a lot of secondary things and issues" to deal with -- including the possibility of a recurrence -- given how severe his illness was. But he says he's now focused on maintaining his health and giving back, which he's doing through his new single, "Is It Time Already." 

Wade says writing "Is It Time Already" was something he "therapeutically had to do." The singer chronicles his cancer fight in the song, which he says "just kind of wrote itself." He adds that initially he recorded "a little demo" that he intended to issue to promote cancer awareness and the importance of early detection. But Hayes explains that as friends in the industry heard the song things "snowballed," and everybody donated their time to create a fully produced single that's been released to radio. Wade says he "can't believe what they are doing" for him, and he's "so thankful" to everyone for supporting him and his cause. Fans can find "Is It Time Already" at iTunes and as well as on Hayes' website.

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