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Underwood Won't Try To Be Julie Andrews In "Sound Of Music"


Carrie Underwood says she'll simply do the best she can in portraying Maria von Trapp in the upcoming "Sound of Music" remake. But she admits she'll "never be" Julie Andrews. The country singer tells CMT Radio she doesn't think she -- or anyone -- could ever play the part as well as Andrews, saying "no one can touch her." Andrews earned a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for her memorable work in the 1965 film. But Underwood says she doesn't intend to study Andrews' "Sound of Music" performance to prepare for the NBC special. She says she'll watch many different shows to "kind of get into the whole musical space versus the movie space." However, Carrie admits she'd "love to meet" Andrews, adding that the legendary singer and actress is someone she "grew up watching and listening to."

The interest in an introduction seems to be mutual. Andrews recently told "The Wall Street Journal" that she'd welcome the opportunity to meet Underwood and "would love to know her." She added that while she wasn't going to be involved in "The Sound of Music" remake, she approved of the project. Underwood will star in a special live TV presentation of "The Sound of Music," which is slated to air on NBC in December.

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