Brantley Gilbert New Album 'Fire & Brimstone' Drops in 2019

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Brantley Gilbert New Album 'Fire & Brimstone' Drops in 2019

Brantley Gilbert's Fire & Brimstone album drops October 4, 2019!


You'll hear a different side of Brantley Gilbert in this album—in a recent visit to our studio, he said being a husband and a dad now has him reminiscing and writing stories about this chapter of his life. 

"All of my records have a spiritual or faith-based know, 'Fire & Brimstone' the song—it's the title-track as well as the name of the record—it's just really where I am as a person right now." BG told 97.1 HANK FM. "It's about judgment inside and outside the church, but really in every facet of life. It's just about being a dad. You think of everything different. It's just about being comfortable in your own skin, with who you are, and the way you live, and what's your relationship is with God. I feel like it's a conscious-based thing for me. It's something I want to be able to pass on to my son, like 'Hey man, before you start pointing your finger at everybody else, make sure you've got your stuff together.'" 


He wrote the song "Man That Hung the Moon" for his son, Barrett Hardy-Clay. It's about a relationship between father and son—from the beginning where you see your dad as a superhero who can do anything like hang the moon to the point when the son realizes his dad isn't perfect, just human.

"It's about how later in life, I'm not going to be a superhero anymore," Gilbert told 97.1 HANK FM. "[He's] going to figure out that I'm normal and I hope that I've done my job and pointed [him] in the right direction. And when [he] need[s] more than me, you'll have the man who really hung the moon."


Fire & Brimstone was nearly put together, but his record label said he didn't have THE single. So BG went back to the drawing board and wrote "What Happens In A Small Town" with songwriters Rhett Akins and Brock Berryhill.

"Writing a song like that is kinda like catching lightning in a bottle..." Gilbert told 97.1 HANK FM. "We write for 2 years just hoping we get something close to that. But we landed it and we're super proud of it."

They all thought it sounded like a duet, so the next order of business? Finding that second voice for the track.

"There's so many talented women in this genre....but you know, I've always been a fan of Lindsay [Ell]'s," Gilbert told 97.1 HANK FM. "Not only can she sing, but she can slay on the guitar. It's ridiculous."


Brantley Gilbert is currently on his 2019 Not Like Us Tour with special guests Michael Ray and Lindsay Ell. Don't miss their stop in Indiana at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center Saturday, September 21st!


Photo Credit: Big Machine Label Group

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