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Connect with Kip Moore: Get to Know Him & His SLOWHEART Album

Kip Moore has made himself, his music, his fans, and his community his priority. You can see it in his actions, hear it in his music, and feel it at his concerts.

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Not on tour? He's most likely on a surfboard.

After college, he booked a 1-way flight to Hawaii and lived on a porch & in a tent for close to a year. He was practically broke, but didn't miss a wave on his surfboard! He frequently goes back to be a beach bum (and runs into friends like Billy Currington in Maui coffee/paia shops)!

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Kip: The Philanthropist

He has a big heart for small town and inner city kids growing up with few options to experience outdoor/alternative sports, so he started Kip's Kids Fund!

Appreciate all of the support for Kip's Kids Fund. You can donate at

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His first chartiable initiative? Comeback Kid Skatepark—a 1,500-3,000 sq ft recreational outlet for youths to engage in healthy habits!

“It came from me wanting to give kids in inner cities a safe outlet, where they can form the bonds I know can be made from having somewhere awesome to go and be a part of something they enjoy," Kip said. "I wrote the song 'Comeback Kid' at a time when I felt like a comeback kid, but now when I sing it I think less about myself and more about the kids we are doing this for and how much I admire and respect them.  We're starting with these four cities, but the plan is to keep growing this as far and wide as we can.” 


"Seize the Day" Kinda Guy

Kip doesn't need much to be happy. He keeps it simple and seizes every single day. He'll stay in hostels on his many trips abroad & he's always chasing that "out-of-my-comfort-zone" feeling. In The Journey to SLOWHEART video below, he said "I'm always trying to....shed myself from the norm. I want to experience as many new things as I can, everyday if possible. That's why I take these trips...."

Place brings out the kid in ya

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At 21 I had never really seen anything other than the southern portion of the states (beautiful but knew there were other places to see). No one ever talked about getting out & experiencing anything other than what they grew up in, so I knew if I wanted to it would probably be a solo deal at first. I had 1,500 dollars saved up from a summer job after graduation & booked a 1 way flight to Hawaii. I lived on a porch & in a tent for close to a year, completely out of my comfort zone & I've been chasing that feelin ever since. You don't need all the plush bullshit you've been brainwashed to desire. That shit keeps you strapped from what's real. People always tell me I wish I could go see stuff & I say well then go. "Well I'm always kinda tight on $".. Hey I got an idea sell that Mercedes & 4,000 square foot house you can barely afford that you think defines you, get a damn Kia, a smaller house, book a hostile and GO! You don't get a re-do. You get 1 lap and that shit is over...@lifeinrewindfilms

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The Journey to SLOWHEART

Have about 33min? Watch this and connect with Kip even more—see his travels, the passion he puts into the process of every song, his family, what is was like growing up for him, & so much more:

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