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Professional Wrestling Acceptance Speech? Really Old Dominion!!!

Old Dominion took home the award for Vocal Group of the Year at the ACM Awards last month! Trevor of Old Dominion would like to see acceptance speeches sound more like Professional Wrestling


Dave: Congrats on winning the ACM Award…although when you got on stage Matthew kind of took up all of your time, like lead singers do

Trevor: That’s okay, because none of us knew what to say anyway and clearly he didn’t either (Laughter)

Dave: That is the risk of taking the microphone when you’ve won an award, as soon as you get off the stage you remember all of the people, like your wife or somebody like that you should’ve said thank you to!

Trevor: Yeah, like right when you turn around, you go ‘Oh no’! You I would like to see is just do it like Professional Wrestling! Just get up there and start trashing everybody else. (Laughing)

Dave: “Lady Antebellum did not bring it!” (Yelling)

Trevor: “You knew you were going down!” (Yelling)

Dave: That would be great!


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