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Who Requested "Greatest Love Story" at a LANCO Wedding?

Who Requested “Greatest Love Story” at a LANCO Wedding?

Not the groom, Brandon Lancaster, lead singer of LANCO! He wrote the #1 song “Greatest Love Story” about his now-wife Tiffany and someone, not Brandon, wanted it played at their wedding reception!

Brandon: That song was played. I did not request it.

Dave and Casey: (Laughter)

Brandon: Still don’t know who did. It did get requested, it did come on and I was…dancing to my own voice which was kind of strange!

Dave: With everyone looking at you but you’re not really singing, so it’s kind of an awkward moment

Brandon: Yeah. It felt like we were filming a music video.

Dave: Except it was your real wedding

Brandon: It was the real greatest love story!

For more about the wedding, LANco’s tour with Chris Young and the movie “Caddyshack”, click here!


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