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9 Cold Hard Facts About Indiana Alcohol Laws

Forgot it was Sunday & you're only job was to pick up the beer for the game?

Have to make multiple stops on your way to the party—first to get snacks & then the liquor store for cold beer? #annoyed

Country music says it best... we're pretty good at drinkin' beer ;) Admit it—who doesn't love showing up to the party with already chilled beer & everyone chants your name because they were almost out?!

Scroll through our hoppy playlist while you read CHILL Indiana's cold hard facts about why they want to reform the Indiana Alcohol Laws:

A Hoppy Playlist

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Billy Currington - Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer...


COLD Hard Facts from CHILL Indiana


FACT: Over 70% of all Hoosiers believe chilled beer should be allowed to be sold WHEREVER warm beer is. (The word you're looking for is "duh.")


FACT: Support for cold beer sales is favored by every demographic group. The only people who seem opposed are liquor store owners.


FACT: Indiana is the ONLY STATE that regulates beer based on temperature at the time of sale.


FACT: It's not about safety. C-stores are 2x LESS LIKELY than liquor stores to sell beer to minors.


FACT: Liquor stores have the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to sell cold beer in Indiana, even though they are the class that has the highest violation rate and are most likely to sell to minors.


FACT: C-stores are almost 4X LESS LIKELY than liquor stores to commit alcohol license violations.


FACT: C-stores are already permitted to sell chilled win and wine coolers which can have more than twice the alcohol content of beer.


FACT: C-stores can also sell chilled cider as long as it's not brewed from barley. So they can sell Angry Orchard cider, but not Redd's Apple Ale.


Take a break now if your head is throbbing...


FACT: CHILL Indiana isn't asking for the state to sell beer in unsafe environments, and they aren't asking for special favors. They are asking that the state's outdated laws be reformed so they are fair and equitable to all Indiana's retailers. CHILL Indiana believes that the responsible business owners of C-stores across the state should have just as much right to sell chilled beer to beer-loving Hoosiers as the liquor stores who currently hold a monopoly on the rights. CHILL Indiana will continue to make their case until lawmakers represent the people of Indiana the way they should!


Photo Credit: CHILL Indiana

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