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Country Artist Parents Share Their Best Parenting Advice

Everyone knows that parenting isn't easy (even for celebrity parents). That's why great parenting advice can go a long way! These country artist parents shared some of their best parenting advice that not only relates to other celebrity parents, but to any parent. Take a look and see what parenting advice you can pick up from your favorite country artists. 


Brad Paisley 

Brad Paisley is father to two sons, Huck and Jasper. According to Taste Of Country, when Carrie Underwood asked Brad Paisley for parenting advice, he told CMT his honest answer, "I have no clue what to tell her.” Sometimes you don't have all the answers and that's okay! 


Brett Young

Brett Young and his wife Taylor Mills are expecting a baby girl in early fall of this year. According to, Brett Young told US*99 the best parenting advice he has received is, “You just have to roll with it, it’s your child, it’s your life, and part of the genius in it is it just makes sense the second you meet your child. You start doing it on your own, you start reacting naturally to the situation, and you figure out your way.” 


Carrie Underwood

What is Carrie Underwood's parenting advice she learned while raising her two sons, Isaiah and Jacob? ALWAYS bring the diaper bag!


Dierks Bentley

While giving Thomas Rhett parenting advice on iHeartRadio, Dierks said "Don’t be afraid if you drink four Red Bulls a day. There’s nothing you can really do to get ready for it. You can read books, and you can talk to me as much as you want, but you’re gonna be a different parent than I am, just like I’m gonna be a different parent than you are. So, I think the best advice is just kinda take it as it comes, and just realize that you’re gonna be exhausted." You need all the energy you can get while raising two daughters and a son like Dierks. And now Thomas is about to be a father of three as well... all girls. Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins are expecting their third baby girl in early 2020. Better stock up on those Red Bulls!


Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks has three daughters and he shared his top 5 tips for raising them with PEOPLE. They are 1. Always be on call, 2. Let them fail, 3. Put them to work, 4. Test their dates right away, and 5. Always set consequences. 


Jason Aldean

Taste of Country revealed Jason Aldean's parenting advice to fellow country star Kane Brown and wife Katelyn, who are expecting their first child together. "Jason was just like, 'She's going to have you wrapped around your finger,'" Brown told Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul. Jason Aldean is father to 4 children, two from his previous marriage, both girls, and two with his wife Brittany, one boy and one girl. 

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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is father to two boys and has taken in his nephew and two nieces after their parents both tragically passed away. According to, during a Taste of Country Nights interview, Luke Bryan revealed some parenting advice. “Just enjoy every moment,” he said. “It certainly does fly, and as a dad, your role is to kinda be there and not make your wife even more mad at you. But when they start becoming three and four, that’s when it’s like … for the dad, he can hop in the car with you and y’all go knock around. It goes from good to stratosphere good. It did for me. The early years are tough, because they’re so bonded to their mother.”


Tim McGraw

Now not everyone is a famous parent, but here's Tim McGraw's secret. He told PEOPLE his advice on celebrity parenting is don't tell the kids you are famous. During a Q&A session at the 2016 Country Radio Seminar, he revealed, “Our kids know it’s there,” he continued, "They’ve always been around it. It’s just not anything that we’ve ever really discussed or dealt with. We haven’t talked to our kids about us being famous, even when they were little. That’s what we try to make it – not an issue.” Tim and Faith have raised their three daughters on this advice. 


Tyler Hubbard 

Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line and his wife Hayley are expecting a baby boy in August of this year, making their first born daughter a big sister. Tyler shared on Instagram a list of 20 parenting tips given to him by a close friend, titled "Memo From A Child To Parents," and they are must-reads!


Even with all this wonderful parenting advice and all the other advice you may receive, sometimes things go wrong and you just have to laugh it off, especially when you're in the public eye. For example, we'll never forget the hilarious time Caroline Bryan helped her son Tate with his school project or all the totally relatable parenting tweets from Carrie UnderwoodAll these celebrity parents have shared similar situations on social media and they became some of the most hilarious celebrity parenting posts ever!


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