'Magnolia' Album is a "Return to Self" for Randy Houser


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'Magnolia' Album is a "Return to Self" for Randy Houser

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Randy Houser slowed things down while creating his most recent album, Magnolia. He spent two years completely invested in songwriting, digging deep back down to his roots, and truly leaving "No Stone Unturned" in the storytelling of this album.

“The purpose of this album is sort of a return to self for me. Return to my creativity and all the things that made me, and also made this music sound the way it does. It’s about wherever I wanted to go, that’s where we went."

Magnolia received its namesake from Houser's roots—his home state of Mississippi (AKA: the Magnolia State).

When Randy Houser was 5 or 6 years old, his grandmother passed away. At the funeral, Houser noticed they were under a tree with big beautiful flowers and huge waxy-looking leaves... “It was the first time anything stuck out to me. So I asked what it was, and my dad told me it was a Magnolia tree and that stuck with me forever.”


With just one word, you can feel the passion and authenticity that Houser poured into this record.

"Magnolia tells my story but also tells the story of running away from something while not knowing exactly what you're running to," Randy explains in an ABC press release. "As I got into the groove of creating this album, the story became so vivid in my mind that I realized it had to live through more than just a body of music and become a film. That's exactly what we created...a film about running towards your truth."




"No Stone Unturned" (Randy Houser, Dallas Davidson)
"Our Hearts (feat. Lucie Silvas)" (Randy Houser, Kylie Sackley, Rob Hatch)
"What Whiskey Does (feat. Hillary Lindsey)" (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Hillary Lindsey)
"Whole Lotta Quit" (Randy Houser, Travis Meadows)
"No Good Place to Cry" (Randy Houser, Gary Nicholson)
"New Buzz" (Randy Houser, Keith Gattis, Jeff Trott)
"Nothin' On You" (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
"What Leaving Looks Like" (Randy Houser, John Osborne, James Otto)
"High Time" (Randy Houser, Brice Long)
"Mamma Don't Know" (Randy Houser, Jaren Johnston, Tony Lane)
"Running Man" (Randy Houser, Jeffrey Steele)
"Evangeline" (Randy Houser, James Otto )


Photo Credit: Tatiana Houser
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