Parenting Explained By 10 Totally Relatable Carrie Underwood Tweets


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Parenting Explained By 10 Totally Relatable Carrie Underwood Tweets

Attention parents, parenting is hard, funny, tiring, and most importantly, rewarding! Just ask Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher.


Carrie and Mike have to two sons together, four-year-old Isaiah, and three-month-old Jacob, who are frequently mentioned on Carrie's Twitter account. If you don't follow her on Twitter, you're missing out on some hilarious parenting stories, advice, and relatable moments. Here's a look at 10 of Carrie's best parenting tweets from this year so far. 


I bet every parent can remember their child's first crush...


And who doesn't need some "me time?!"


Especially after being up in the wee hours of the morning with a fussy baby!


Who sleeps when you have kids anyway??


Don't forget to always take the diaper bag with you. ALWAYS. 


Some may never know where kids come up with some of the stuff they say...


Like when you get made fun of by none other than your own children!


But it's all worth it when Dad takes over for a bit and lets you catch up on your much needed sleep. Hint hint husbands.


Again, hint hint husbands. 


No matter what parenting throws your way, these are the precious moments that you won't forget and will cherish forever!


Photo Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images

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