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A Big HANKFEST T"HANK" You from Sheltering Wings

HANKFEST 2017 was an incredible day filled performances and stories. Throughout the lead up to HANKFEST it was your kind donations that allowed us to raise $1,000 for Sheltering Wings for Women. 

Since 2002, Sheltering Wings has worked to not only provide safety and shelter to more than 1,600 women and 1,800 children, but also worked towards preventing domestic violence cases from happening in the first place. How? Through a variety of programs to help the whole person:

  • Emergency Services/Crisis Management: Providing crisis intervention to all victims fleeing all forms of domestic violence is Sheltering Wings’ top priority.
  • Life Skills Training: Services and case management to help survivors find their independence and work to minimize the possibility of returning to an abusive situation.
  • Children’s Services: Customized programs to teach children about what healthy relationships look like and to educate them on how to prevent abusive situations in their future.
  • Prevention & Education: Public education and awareness are critical to preventing and responding to domestic violence. 

Every person’s story is different, but they all share the hope for a better future and Sheltering Wings works to ensure their past does not have to be their future.

Will you to join them in ensuring a better life for these families as they heal from violence and abuse of their past to create a new future with a gift of just $25? Every dollar you invest goes to create permanent, positive change in the lives of those served at Sheltering Wings and helps to ensure that the past for victims of domestic does not have to be their future.

Click HERE to learn more about Sheltering Wings and how you can create a future of hope.


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