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Garth Brooks is Coming to Indianapolis... FINALLY!


Were you starting to wonder if the Garth Brooks World Tour would ever come to Indianapolis? I was. It has been all around us and now, well, it's our turn.


I remember the very first time I ever saw the man. I was heading out to Las Vegas (go figure) and our Capitol Records rep Terry Stevens told me of an new signing to their label who was doing some shows at the Desert Inn. He said if I had a chance to go he'd leave some tickets at will call. I thought to myself, good grief I don't go to Vegas to see shows but Terry was so adamant that I did one evening. Holy Cow!


From the moment he came out on stage to the very end with multiple encores I was spellbound. Toward the end of the show he performed "Shameless." I had never heard the Billy Joel version so it was the first time for me and Garth did it on his knees belting out the lyrics, and what can I say, I've been a fan since. What passion for the music and for entertaining.


"What passion for the music and for entertaining."


His first show in our town was at Deer Creek Music Center (in Noblesville) and during our backstage visit the topic of "Shameless" came up. Garth was wondering if it was a bit much for country radio. I said no way and explained the impact hearing him perform that song had on me. He released it and well it was another Garth smash. At that time he could have sung the alphabet and it would have been a hit. Trisha Yearwood was the opening act by the way at that show, one of the first ever in front of crowd that big for her and she was bit nervous as I recall.


On one of his visits to Market Square Arena it happened to be at the same time as our "Country Music Expo" and in a phone interview preceding his shows here I got a wild hair and asked Garth if he would come. We of course were live on air when I popped the question and he was nice about it, telling me if time permitted he would try. As soon as we were off air first thing out of his mouth, "were you serious?" I assured him I was and we would do anything to get him to come by for a while. He said he would have Kelly (his brother) call and make the arrangements. Holy Cow again!!! He showed up in a Chevy pickup truck. No need for a limo for Garth.


How about that Garth show at the Indiana State Fair? Martina McBride, his former merchandise salesperson, was his opening act. Billy Ray Cyrus had been on the Free Stage that day to record crowds and Garth just kicked it up another notch. He was up on top of his semi-trailer with a spotlight shining it on the crowd.


All the Garth shows I've ever been fortunate enough to attend have always left me wondering where that energy comes from. You buy your seats to the show but will never use them. Just watch, we'll all be on our feet from start to finish. There's a reason he's been Entertainer Of The Year so many times, because he is! 


We've waited 21 years for him to come back, see you at the show.



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