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#tWINNING : First Sibling Feud!

#tWINNING: First Sibling Feud

Life with children is hard! There are always moments that you say to yourself, “I can do this” and also moments when you feel the opposite, “I am going to rip my hair out!” The one common thread that has been apparent in the Vallier household is that Carter and Hadlee, until earlier this week, could care less what is going on with each other!

It has been a lot of fun watching them start to take interest and curiosity in each other but with that, comes the very first “sibling rivalry”! Hadlee decided she wanted the outfit that Carter was wearing and he didn’t want to share his clothes. Circle the date on calendar, feud number of many in the books!


For the most part they play well together but this was the first instance where we have seen a feud between the two of them!

It appears though that they have gotten over it because here they are holding hands…too stinking cute. I love my little ones so much!

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