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#tWINNING: Look-A-Like?

My wife and I are coming up on 4 months of having these two little ones around!

Carter and Hadlee are fraternal twins and not identical. My wife and I have no problem telling them apart but it happens regularly with people asking which one is who.

I never really understood it until we took this photo ⬇️

Side by Side

I guess I do see it now! For the most part Hadlee, our little girl, always wears a bow on her head. Carter, our little boy, has blue pacifiers and Hadlee has pink ones so that is another way we try to differentiate them from one another while other people are around.

They are both also rocking “tummy time” as you can see they are arching their backs and holding their heads all by themselves!

Hopefully next they will grow some hair because that may also help in the confusion!

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