Why Your Woman Crush Wednesday Should Be A "Girl Goin' Nowhere": Ashley McBryde

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Why Your Woman Crush Wednesday Should Be A "Girl Goin' Nowhere": Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde is starring in HANK FM's Woman Crush Wednesday presented by Franciscan Health

Earlier this month we announced we’re bringing Grammy-nominated, CMT & ACM Award winning Ashley McBryde to Indy for the ultimate Woman Crush Wednesday presented by Franciscan Health along with Tenille Townes, Abby Anderson, and Caylee Hammack! Not bad for a girl goin' nowhere ;) Our #womancrushwednesdays leading up to the show are dedicated to these incredible ladies.

We're crushin' hard on Ashley McBryde this week—she's emerged as one of country music's most captivating voices, both vocally & lyrically. McBryde started writing songs at a young age, pulling inspiration from her family's favorite genres—country, bluegrass, hip-hop, & more. Her passion for her sound and the messages she wants to share with the world is just the start.

You know that friend who will always have your back, keep you down-to-Earth, and support you in every way possible, then pour you a drink, and get the party started? That’s McBryde. That’s the friend everyone needs in their life. ­


Okay, here’s some quick background bullet points on your new BFF:

  • She’s from Arkansas.
  • She studied music in college, specializing in the French horn. She even had a French horn scholarship!
  • She’s the youngest of 6 children (so humor was key growing up when you’re always picked on).
  • She wrote “Bible and a .44” about her dad. She said it was going to be the song that would change her life. And it was one of them that did. Keep reading.


She played in sports bars for over a decade with practically no one paying attention—kind of a huge punch in the gut when all backs are turned to watch the game instead. But one thing about McBryde… she doesn’t give up. She scanned the room for that one foot tapper, who became a head bobber, and that head bobber eventually turned around in their seat to see who was playing where McBryde was singing right to them and if they became a fan or not, being able to connect with just one person was all worth it.

Well, 2017 rolls around and she was invited by Eric Church to his show because he thought she would enjoy how it all works, then the biggest surprise of all came… he invited her to sing her song “Bible and a .44” on stage with him that night. Her first arena show! And we’re sure those 19K people were tappin’ their feet, bobbin’ their heads, and soaking up every word McBryde & Church sang!

What happened next? Well, what else? Garth Brooks called her. He told her “Bible and a .44” describes Ms. Yearwood’s dad to a tee and he wanted to cover it at his shows. You can even hear it on his LIVE record!

Please tell me how it can get better than that? Oh, right. She’s a hardworking, barrier breaking, incredibly humble person who also happens to be a QUEEN of girl power.

Watching her Opry debut video will show you how all of that hustle can get you to where you've always dreamt of being. You can see and feel how much she wanted to play the Opry and the lifetime of determination she had when people told her at a young age she couldn’t be successful in country music when she grew up. Those who said that just stoked the prove-you-wrong fire inside her. Now look who's standing on the Opry circle!

Whether it was yourself or someone else putting you down and telling you no—like Ashley’s high school teacher, friends, and even some family who dismissed her country music dreams—we’ve all been on the receiving end at some point and we either let it crush us or fuel us to push past and be better than those deceitful words. For McBryde? It inspired her hit song "Girl Goin' Nowhere". Can McBryde get any more relatable?

You can plainly see the appreciation on Ashley’s face every time she hits a stage and the lights come up. You practically just give her your heart right then and there (speaking from experience here at 97.1 HANK FM).

She’s especially appreciative and speaks so highly of the artists who have taken her on tour—Little Big Town, Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs—and showed her the right way to treat somebody while on the road.

We know those kind gestures will be passed on to her opening acts and fans. Oh, how we love the country music community who treats each other like family and lifts one another up.


You're just gonna get more of that all night on October 30th at Woman Crush Wednesday presented by Franciscan Health with Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes, Abby Anderson, & Caylee Hammack.



So, if you haven't realized how cool and creative Ashley McBryde is yet… she’s also covered stunning, artistic tattoos—each one with a special meaning based on a story, event, or song in her life.

All of her ink is done in the traditional sailor style, she explains, "when sailors would reach a certain mileage or markers crossed, that warranted a tattoo."


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